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frequently asked questions

What color service should I choose?

If you are unsure of which service to choose, we recommend booking an in person consultation prior to scheduling an appointment. If you are not local and an in person consultation is not an option, we recommend calling the salon so that someone can guide you in choosing the proper service.

What is a single process hair color?

This is a root touch up service most commonly used for grey root regrowth. Do not choose this color option if you are looking to retouch your highlights at the root

What is the best way to maintain my color?

We recommend maintenance glosses every 6-10 weeks depending on how frequently you wash at home. Make sure to use a professional sulfate free shampoo, this will help maintain the hairs overall tone. We love Mr. Smith & IGK.

Should my hair be clean or dirty for my color appointment?

It is best to arrive to your appointment with clean hair (styled how you normally wear your hair) for your color service. Contrary to popular belief, the buildup of product and natural oils on dirty hair could have an effect on the processing time and overall final result of your color.

If you are having a single process root touch up done and use root touch up powders or sprays, please do not come to your appointment with this on your hair. We cannot guarantee full coverage of single process colors.

This is my first time coming into the salon, anything I should know?

Make sure to BRING INSPIRATION PHOTOS! This will streamline the consultation prior to getting started to ensure both guest and stylist are on the same page.

Where should I park and how do I pay for parking?

Street parking in the front of the salon on Mamaroneck Avenue takes quarters as well as the PARK MOBILE APP. There is also a parking lot behind the salon which accepts the PARK MOBILE APP and also has a parking payment machine.

Street parking in front is a 2 hour max. Parking in the back lot is a 4 hour max.

You're able to add time on the PARK MOBILE APP once your session has fully expired.

When using the PARK MOBILE APP make sure to take a photo of the 4 digit zone number as well as your 3 digit parking space number.

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